She's done asking...but is he ready to give in?

Anna Powers wants to get married to her boyfriend of ten years. Tony Martino grew up in a home made miserable by parents who stayed together "for the kids." He loves Anna, but never wants to be trapped in that loveless state. When Anna plans to propose to Tony on a Valentine's weekend getaway, he foils her plans by skipping the trip. Anna goes, however, and when Tony realizes what he's about to lose follows Anna to the beach. But will he be able to salvage their love from the mess he's made, or will Anna end up being The One Who Got Away?

Included in The Big V Day: a Valentine’s Romance Anthology, with eight books from eight amazing authors. All the proceeds will be donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a foundation that aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.